“L e t   m e   a b s o r b   y o u r   f a n t a s y   i n t o   m y         w o r l d   w h i c h  i s  y o u rs”



Name :
Cynthia Ballasina

Said hello to planet earth :
03.08.1993 in Menen, Belgium.

Has her greenhouse in :

On the playground :
A multi-artistic squid;
visual & performance artist,
‘sfeerbouwer’ / scenographer,
singer – songwriter, poet, teacher
and proud to be a mom.

Graduated as naughty student in :
2017 as a teacher in the fine arts (stil naughty)
@ the School of Arts, Ghent.
2016 as a master in fine arts (painting)
@ the School of Arts, Ghent.
2011 with a secondary diploma Drama
@ the Art Academy, Bruges.

Forfilled her passion for drama
during ten years of drama part-time playtime:
from 2001 – 2011
@ the art academy for music and drama, Menen.

Ongoing studies?

Likes :
reading, mysteries,  plants, hiking, nature & whales.
Knowing everything and nothing at the same time.
Ispiring others and enjoying motherhood.

For a further look into the exhibitions & projects of Cynthia Ballasina,


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